Retreat Locations

Locations of Couples Intensive Weekend Retreats for Relationship Renewal.

I have carefully selected the locations for my relationship renewal Couples Intensive Retreat Weekends. These locations provide all the amenities of exceptional romantic vacations, yet provide an intimate setting that allows us to concentrate on relationship renewal witthout the distractions of the outside world.

Why the Retreat environment is important. The intimate setting that is created for the couples retreats is very important. It contributes to a neutral, relaxed, stress-free environment, without the distractions of everyday life, which allows us to focus on you, your partner and your relationship. I’ve specially selected these resort locations to provide a laid-back ambiance that encourages conversation, learning and problem solving as you learn and practice new skills for managing conflict, re-kindling your intimacy and restoring your relationship.

Relaxed and interruption free. We’ll dress casually, turn off cell-phones and leave the grid and outside world for the time to focus on restoring your relationship and discovering new and intimate ways to communicate with each other. Your personal time is spent in a four-star vacation environment that encourages you to practice the process and skills you’ve learned to build and maintain intimacy while re-charging your relationship. You have the option of scheduling additional days, on your own, to turn your couples retreat into a romantic vacation. But, during our time together, you won’t be distracted by tee and court times, kids or dinner reservations.

Locations. Retreats are regularly scheduled in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. You can find specific dates for each location here. If you have a request for a particular date and/or location, please email me and I’ll try to accommodate you. Our resort locations also provide you with the opportunity to linger for a few days after the conclusion of your retreat. You can practice your new skills and take the steps that we’ve discussed to rekindle your relationship before you return to the hustle and bustle of your life at home.

Atlanta – Athens, GA Many of my retreats are conducted in a cozy cottage in Reynolds Lake Oconee Resort, a world famous resort near Madison, GA on beautiful Lake Oconee. This location is a convenient drive for couples in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. For those who want to fly into Atlanta, Reynolds Lake Oconee is just an hour’s drive from the Atlanta airport, a short drive from Athens, and provides a serene setting surrounded by a four-star community.

Sarasota, FL Sarasota is one of our more popular retreat locations. Retreats are held in a beautiful private home near one of America’s top-rated beaches. It’s a convenient drive for couples living in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Orlando or along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Many couples from across the US choose to attend our Sarasota retreats because of Sarasota’s beautiful white sand beaches, cultural amenities, great restaurants, world class shopping and four-star resorts. Many elect to spend some romantic time in the Sarasota area following their retreat. Sarasota is easily accessed by air through Sarasota-Bradenton International or Tampa International or St. Pete-Clearwater International airports.

Naples, FL We’ve added Naples to our retreat locations in 2016 because of the many requests that we’ve received. Our Naples retreats will be facilitated in a lovely private home near a stunning white sand beach and several famous four-star resorts. Naples is ideal for a post-retreat romantic getaway. Naples is easily accessed via Southwest Florida International Airport in nearby Ft. Myers or is a moderate drive from the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beaches area.

St. Simon’s GA Also new to our retreat locations in 2016 is the island-resort community of St. Simons Island, GA. In 2014, St. Simons was selected as “America’s Favorite Romantic Town” by Travel + Leisure Magazine. We can think of no better place that this romantic setting for you to start the path to renewing your relationship. St. Simons is about half way between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL, both cities with international airports. Interstate 95 makes St. Simon’s an easy drive from Northeast Florida or Southeast Georgia.

Charleston, SC The Holy City is one of the most popular retreat locations as well as one of the very top vacation destinations in the US. Our retreats are held in a private home in one of the resort beach communities adjacent to Historic Charleston. Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and encourages you to spend a few days post-retreat in one of the many elegant bed-and-breakfasts or boutique hotels. Charleston has become a mecca for foodies, with several restaurants occupying positions on “best of”” lists.

Request a Location and Date. If you have a specific location and date that you’d like for your Couples Intensive Weekend Retreat, email me and I will attempt to accommodate you.