Post Retreat Follow Up

Scheduled follow up keeps you on track.

Your Intensive Weekend Retreat is just the beginning of your renewed relationship.  During your Couples Intensive Retreat Weekend you’ll learn new ways of communicating, showing intimacy and all the other skills and methods that you’ve learned to renew your relationship. You’ll have some opportunity to practice these skills in a controlled environment before the retreat is over. But, what happens when you leave and return home?

  • How do you keep from slipping back into old behavior and habits?
  • How do you deal with new issues that arise in your relationship?
  • How do you maintain the trust and communication skills that you learned during your Intensive Retreat?

Continuing counseling via phone, Skype or FaceTime. Before you depart from your Intensive Weekend, Dr. Brawner will schedule a series of follow-up sessions that will be facilitated via phone, Skype or FaceTime with you and your partner. Some of these will be with both of you, and there will also be an opportunity for individual sessions. These may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, based on Dr. Brawner’s assessment.

These follow up sessions give Dr. Brawner the opportunity to gauge your progress, answer questions and suggest additional behavior modification or new skills to keep your relationship positive and moving forward.

Additional distance counseling is available. Once the included sessions have been completed, you’ll have the option of continuing these sessions with Doctor Brawner as you may desire.