Couples Intensive Weekend Retreats

Couples Intensive Weekend Retreats for Relationship Renewal. These two-and-a-half day Intensive Retreats are for couples who want a private, more-meaningful experience than what you might be getting from traditional weekly marriage counseling sessions. Perhaps you’ve tried once-a-week traditional marriage counseling and are not making the progress that you envisioned, maybe you want to jump-start the repair and renewal of your relationship, or perhaps your relationship has reached a state of crisis. Here’s how they work:

  • This intense, highly-focused approach to your relationship issues generates more profound results in a much shorter time span than traditional marriage counseling.
  • This is not a group retreat. It’s just you and your partner working with me over two-and-a-half days.
  • The retreats take place in a neutral environment, a quiet oasis in a resort location. Being away from your normal environment allows us to focus on the tools and skills necessary to repair and renew your relationship.
  • The retreats are all-inclusive, including all meals and snacks, except for a Saturday night date-night dinner out for just the two of you.
  • A structured follow-up program is designed to keep you on track and monitor your progress over a longer period of time.

Get better results in less time. There is ample evidence that this intensive, condensed and highly focused approach to relationship issues allows you to get more profound results in a shorter timespan – you’ll progress much more rapidly in repairing your relationship than those who attend months of once or twice weekly counseling sessions.

A private experience. This is not a group experience. Meeting with just the two of you allows us to focus on those specific issues that are negatively impacting your relationship. Being away from home in a relaxed, stress-free, neutral setting allows us to work together to break old habits, learn new communication skills and create the framework for a reinvigorated relationship that you’ll take home with you. The ultimate goal is for you and your partner to be united more strongly than ever before in a mature and satisfying loving relationship.

Before your retreat. Prior to your retreat, I’ll ask each of you for some information so that we can focus on your issues in a manner that’s designed to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Compare your investment. Your investment in my private marriage retreat is comparable to what you’d invest in several months of weekly marriage counseling sessions. The difference is that these condensed retreats are usually much more effective and allow you to achieve positive results in a much shorter time span. Find dates of upcoming retreats and a discussion of your investment.

My Private and Personal Couples Retreats Focus on Your Specific Relationship Issues. My marriage and couples retreats focus on couples who find themselves unhappy and dissatisfied in their relationship. They are designed for couples who want a private, intense counseling experience that delves deeper into, and is more comprehensive, than what you may have experienced in regular weekly or bi-weekly marriage counseling sessions. Most couples who attend my retreats have tried, or are currently engaged, in traditional marriage counseling, but are not seeing the results that they expected.

My role is to help you reevaluate your relationship and your place in it, to help you redefine what you both want your relationship to look like, to help you renew your friendship, find new ways to resolve your issues and to understand and meet one another’s needs and, of course, learn how to better communicate with one another. Here you’ll find an overview of the structure of the retreats. My goal is for the couple to leave the retreat with a new understanding and appreciation of one another, a renewed friendship and the tools to continue positive growth and change long after the retreat.

Locations. The marriage retreats are offered regularly throughout the year in Athens, GA – Atlanta, GA or in one of our beautiful resort locations.

Post retreat follow up. Your Couples Intensive Retreat Weekend is just the beginning of your renewed and rejuvenated relationship. Once you return home, we’ll have a series of conversations via Skype, Facetime or phone to discuss your progress, remove any remaining speed humps and keep you on track.

More details. For specific details of availability and pricing, or locations  you can contact me and give me a brief overview of your situation.

My Role. I help couples navigate through the difficult waters of alienation, breaches of trust, absence of recognizable affection and warmth, and struggles of power.

I bring to the table over twenty five years of experience as a licensed psychologist helping couples rebuild their relationships. I am a trained professional and a woman with considerable life experiences. I approach you and the work we do together in a nonjudgmental way with genuine interest in understanding each of you individually and as a couple. I will teach you better ways to communicate with one another which will help foster a deeper understanding of each other, improved intimacy, friendship and fun. I am both by nature and training an empathetic witness to your pain, confusion and what may seem to be embarrassing problems. The forum I provide allows for complete disclosure and frank discussion necessary to the process.

Dr. Patricia S. Brawner PhD Retreats for Relationship Renewal